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Scratches and Dents Insurance

Cover for the repair of minor damage (“scratches and dents”) to cars

SMART Insurance or Scratches and Dents Insurance – sometimes referred to as “Scratch & Dent” cover – provides cover for the cost of repairing minor panel damage (scratches and dents) on the insured vehicle.

Important Notice

This product is available to insurance brokers and intermediaries only.




In the event that the insured vehicle sustains sudden and unforeseen damage to its bodywork, including wing mirrors and bumpers, which falls within a 30cm diameter and can be repaired using SMART repair techniques (see below), the policy will cover the cost of the repairs up to the agreed limit.

A SMART repair is one where a technician can complete a repair within one hour using small medium area repair techniques and will be to industry standards.


scratches and dents insurance


Insured events covered

Sudden and unforeseen damage to the bodywork of the insured vehicle, which falls within a 30cm diameter and can be repaired using SMART repair techniques.

In the event that a claim meets the terms and conditions of cover, but is not repairable using SMART repair techniques, the policy will provide contribution toward the cost of repairs, provided the bodyshop repair is not the subject of a motor insurance claim.

Limits of indemnity

We can provide cover to a maximum of £1,000 per claim and £3,000 in the aggregate.

Bespoke schemes

As a provider of specialist insurance products and services for brokers, affinity groups, motor fleet providers, letting agents and insurers, we are renowned for our innovative and flexible approach in developing and administering bespoke schemes to meet the requirements of our partners. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer flexible solutions.

Trading options

Our SMART insurance products are designed to be provided to customers on an add-on or standalone basis.

Trading options can include:

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