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Misfuelling Insurance

Cover to remove incorrect fuel and replace damaged components after misfuelling

Misfuelling Insurance provides cover for a technician to attend the insured, to remove the incorrect fuel from the insured’s vehicle, and get the insured motoring again.

Important Notice

This product is available to insurance brokers and intermediaries only.


Whilst many incidents of misfuelling can be rectified at the roadside, the policy will provide cover for the insured’s vehicle to be towed to a garage so that repairs can be carried out.

In the event that components of the vehicle have been damaged by the misfuelling, the policy will provide cover for parts and labour required to get the vehicle back on the road.


Misfuelling Insurance


Insured events covered

Misfuelling Insurance provides cover in the event that the insured inserts the wrong fuel in their vehicle.

Provides cover for the costs of a repair technician attending, inspecting and removing the incorrect fuel.

Provides cover for the recovery of the vehicle and onward journey costs, and for the costs of labour and replacement parts damaged by the misfuelling event.

Cover cannot be provided for vehicles that use the following fuels:

  • Bio-diesel
  • Ethanol
  • Red diesel
  • Autogas
  • Leaded fuel (4 star)
  • Any non-standard fuel

Limits of indemnity

We can provide cover to a maximum of £2,500 per claim and in the aggregate.

Bespoke schemes

As a provider of specialist insurance products and services for brokers, affinity groups, motor fleet providers, letting agents and insurers, we are renowned for our innovative and flexible approach in developing and administering bespoke schemes to meet the requirements of our partners. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer flexible solutions.

Trading options

Our Misfuelling insurance products are designed to be provided to customers on an add-on or standalone basis.

Trading options can include:

  • Online trading via our broker platform – HUB
  • Delegated authority schemes
  • Vantage – administered programmes

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